"Full-Body" Listening

Facial expression and body language listening practice. Practice using non-verbal communication methods to engage with potential employers.

“Listening to Respond” vs. “Listening to Understand” - Listening practice to increase the amount of information retained through conversation.

"yes, and" For Networking Conversations

Learn techniques for listening to and building on ideas to move a networking conversation forward towards your goal.

Practice identifying valuable potential connections and practice initiating conversations with professionals in your desired profession.

(The workshop) made me think on my feet and become more aware of many skills I didn’t think about before.
— Student-athlete participant

storytelling for interviews

Develop a “playbook” of stories to tell in professional settings. Learn how to “mine” your own memories to discover important and compelling moments from your life that demonstrate transferable skills.

Practice discussing a topic or responding to questions with little to no preparation time and customizing your stories to grab the attention of different audiences.

Resiliency: Overcoming the fear of failure

Practice “bouncing back” from uncomfortable professional situations where some level of imperfection is inevitable.

Learn improv techniques that use failure as a way to embrace mistakes to move forward in creative and unexpected ways.

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