Conflict Management


While many people fear it, managing conflict in the workplace can help employee productivity and personal development. Our training on conflict management strategies lead to creative and effective solutions that drive business growth. 


What you will learn

In this interactive, fast-paced workshop, your team will learn tools to:

  • Integrate “Yes, And” thinking into meetings, brainstorms and customer interactions

  • Increase empathy with active listening skills and body language awareness

  • Practice communication and storytelling to build public speaking skills

  • Overcome the fear of failure and build a culture that supports bold ideas

  • Think on your feet to excel in uncertain or changing circumstances


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Dave is a great facilitator who finds fun and exciting ways to deliver content. He is flexible and responsive to our changing needs and really took the time to understand our goals and values for training great employees.
— Learning and Development Manager, Oak and Reeds Client

Oak and Reeds blog

Learn more about Conflict Management.


Why “Yes, And” Needs a Reboot

The concept of “Yes, and” has been, in my opinion, beaten to death in the business community. That’s in no small part thanks to to consultants and trainers (like me!) who use this concept as a panacea for solving collaboration skill-building challenges.


Let's Practice: Status "Cards"

This exercise is called “Status Cards.” I’m handing out a card to each person. Don’t look at it. What you’ll do is hold it up on your forehead facing out. Everybody you interact with in this exercise will see your card except you.