Improvisation for Doctors

In this two-hour workshop, participants focused on developing collaborative skills for listening and building on the ideas of colleagues. Activities focused on ways to encourage people to embrace their unique point of view in order to develop new and creative ideas to solve problems.

The group originated from a variety of facilities across the western United States, so they were eager to to share their wide range of experiences collaborating and communicating with colleagues in their home offices. The highlight of the workshop came at the end of the session when two brave volunteers offered to take the “PowerPoint from Hell” challenge and presented completely improvised (and hilarious) presentations in front of the entire group.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Apply full body listening to improve verbal and non-verbal listening

  2. Overcome fear and embrace uncertainty in professional interactions

  3. Storytelling: Learn how to apply improv techniques to co-create a compelling and creative narrative that catches an audience’s attention.

  4. Public Speaking: Develop your point of view to hone a message to an intended audience. Learn techniques to prepare your mind, body and voice to speak on a topic with no preparation time.

The whole progression of activities was the best presentation I have seen on improv for non-comedians.
— Medical Director, Dignity Health Physician Leadership Program