Improvisation for advertisers

FCB Canada engaged us to work with teams working at two ends of the same workflow. The account management team, responsible for interfacing with clients and relaying their needs to the greater agency, and the production/copy editing team, responsible for working collaboratively to efficiently create print and digital advertising deliverables.

account management objectives:

  1. Apply improv to improve listening comprehension and “mental presence”
  2. Analyze non-verbal and verbal communication habits
  3. Use improv tools to enhance unplanned presentation skills
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I have done a lot of (other training) workshops and by far I found this the most engaging and helpful.
— Associate Creative Director, FCB Toronto

Production Team OBJECTIVES:

  1. Apply “Yes, and” to collaborative brainstorms
  2. Analyze physical and emotional cues in the context of work relationships
  3. Identify shifting power dynamics in work relationships

Please come back!
— Account Coordinator, FCB Toronto
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