Improvisation for design consultants

Gensler, a global architecture and design firm, engaged us to improve collaboration skills internally and with clients. We identified problems associated with virtual working and the team’s communication norms. We practiced strategies to help individuals assess and express to teammates their own virtual communication preferences. We also conducted a “virtual collaboration simulation” to test their abilities to adapt on the fly to worst-case virtual collaboration “disasters”. It sounds dangerous, but don’t worry, nobody was hurt!

A great way to test real-world stressful situations without the stress of doing it with a client.

— Design Director, Gensler

Workshop Objectives:

  1. “Virtual Collaboration” – A deep dive into the distributed working preferences of employees
  2. “Practicing Virtual Protocols” – Co-Creating new formats for virtual communication and new processes for meetings
  3. “Zero Email Simulation” – Practicing what is might be like if we removed virtual communication from the mix