Interview Skills: Training for Hiring Managers


How can you really tell if a candidate will be successful at your company? We offer interviewing skills training for managers so your team can learn how to conduct an effective interview.


What you will learn

In this interactive, fast-paced workshop, we’ll apply a proven framework to help you and your hiring managers.

  • Create a consistent and welcoming candidate experience across all interviewers

  • Reduce unconscious bias in your hiring process

  • Identify company values across a diverse set of candidates 

  • Be an active listener in interviews 

  • Ask follow-up questions that generate objective evidence of a candidate’s skills
    Conduct efficient post-interview debriefs


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In the weeks after this training, I have seen my team using the strategies we learned to prepare interview plans for new roles. Participants have been a lot more confident and enthusiastic about going into interviews.
— Bailey Douglass, Head of Talent, Mode Analytics

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