Face to Face training for a virtual team

Meetings at Jhana frequently involve at least one remote participant. With so much virtual collaboration, many of the critical pieces of non-verbal communication get left behind. Facial expressions, body language and tone of voice are filtered through phone calls, emails and texts, which can leave subtlety behind in favor of expedience.

Workshop objectives

  • “Storytelling” – Using the “Color/Advance” concept (see sidebar), Jhana team members practiced co-creating stories and narratives in groups. These group storytelling activities encouraged people to stop pre-judging ideas and instead focus on adding to a conversation by building off the ideas of teammates.
  • “Active Listening” – Participants learned new active listening methods designed to improve verbal and non-verbal listening with colleagues. The Jhana team practiced identifying facial expressions and body-language reactions and brainstormed ways to inject non-verbal cues into non-face-to-face meetings.
  • “Collaborative Conversations” – Using “Yes, And” thinking, participants tested new techniques for brainstorming and extemporaneous speaking

“We’re a pretty open group, but something about the word “improv” inspires fear in certain personality types. It was great to see everyone participate and get into it. Dave really has a way of dissolving everyone’s fears and making it clear that it really doesn’t matter what happens during the workshop as long as you are open and enjoy it. Also, I loved that it was business-oriented.”

– Business Development Team Lead, Jhana