Improvisation for Business

In this 2 hour workshop, participants worked to develop listening skills to be a more collaborative colleague. Beginning with simple warm-up exercises to get everyone to know each other and feel comfortable working together, Dave presented concepts on how to actively listen and add to your colleague’s ideas.

In the second half, participants came to the front of the room in groups to practice speaking exercises that challenged them to think on their feet and build off the ideas of their partners. The workshop concluded with volunteers coming to the front to present completely improvised presentations on a topic of the audience’s choosing!



  1. Apply full body listening to improve verbal and non-verbal listening
  2. Overcome fear and embrace uncertainty in professional interactions

  3. Collaboration: Learn “Yes, And” techniques for listening to and building on a teammate’s ideas.

  4. Public Speaking: Develop your point of view to hone a message to an intended audience. Practice speaking about a topic with no preparation time.