A hallmark of a good leader is the ability to adapt your core messages to suit different audiences. In a leadership workshop, we’ll work on building your communication “tool belt” to gain skills for communicating up, down and across your organization.

Learn how to clear roadblocks by generating ideas to move past no. Take “Yes, and” thinking all the way up to the C-suite to leverage the ideas and energy of others to get your goals accomplished.

Giving Feedback

Tough conversations are a big part of a leader’s day to day work. Together we’ll practice techniques to make your difficult feedback sessions more collaborative and productive. You’ll Stretch yourself to test and learn with different “feedback styles” depending on the type and level of colleagues you’re working with.

"Status" and Power Dynamics

We use the improv concept of “status” to teach when and how to best assert yourself as an expert in a situation, and when it’s best to step back and allow others to lead.

You’ll learn exercises designed to practice practice stepping in and out of leadership roles depending on changing circumstances, roles and objectives.

A great way to begin to build a team, develop listening skills, hone presentation skills, and begin to build the skills to be creative.”
— Santa Clara MBA Student

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