Manager Skills


What makes a good manager? We offer a leadership training academy that focuses on critical management skills such as interviewing, leading through change, and public speaking. 


What you will learn

In this interactive, fast-paced workshop, your team will learn tools to:

  • Conduct effective and consistent interviews across candidates

  • Leverage change management techniques to improve leadership agility

  • Implement a collaborative approach to conflict management

  • Apply business storytelling to build public speaking confidence

  • Improve collaboration among local and remote team members 


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Fun and productive. It really made the day more enjoyable to approach planning with humor and creativity.
— Workshop participant

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4 Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers

With today’s low unemployment rate, we’re in a candidate-friendly job market. Hiring managers need to be on their A-game throughout the interview process to make sure they find and attract the right person for the job.


Let's Practice: Status "Cards"

This exercise is called “Status Cards.” I’m handing out a card to each person. Don’t look at it. What you’ll do is hold it up on your forehead facing out. Everybody you interact with in this exercise will see your card except you