Training for Hiring Managers and Interviewers

Mode emphasizes hiring candidates that embody its company values, so evaluating candidates in a way that’s unbiased and effective is important to their growth. In this training, the Mode team focused on methods of active listening and challenging their personal biases in interviews to make sure they feel confident they’re hiring the right fit for each role.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. “Building Interview Plans” – Plan a framework for an interview including questions to ask and definitions of success.

  2. Active Listening” – Apply active listening methods (“Yes, And”) to improve verbal and non-verbal listening in interviews. Practice identifying facial expressions and body-language reactions.

  3. “Collaborative Conversations” – Apply improv skills to drive interview conversations to achieve set goals. Practice creating and executing a consistent plan across all interviews for a given role.

  4. “Follow-up Questions” – Practice listening for opportunities to ask specific follow-up questions to get the right level of detail on a candidate’s skills.

In the weeks after this training, I have seen my team using the strategies we learned to prepare interview plans for new roles. Participants have been a lot more confident and enthusiastic going into interviews.
— Mode Analytics Talent Leader