Thinking on your feet

Great salespeople know that a deal will only happen if the client convinces themselves there’s value in the product. Improv techniques like “yes, and” help salespeople reframe a sales pitch into a collaborative conversation with a shared goal - close the deal.

Improvisational skills help salespeople think on their feet and react to any questions, concerns and objections they’ve never heard before. Improv exercises help sales reps of all levels practice turning negative interactions into constructive opportunities and generate ideas to move past “no”.

Finding your authentic pitch

Test out a variety of communication styles as you learn new methods to generate empathy for your customers. Stretch yourself to move outside of your standard pitch with a variety of different communication styles.

Learn how your personal experiences and unique point of view can be harnessed to establish more authentic connections with customers.

Unscripted Storytelling

As an individual or group, practice using “Yes, and” improv techniques to co-create a compelling and creative story that catches a listener’s attention and drives home your point.

Learn physical (Voice and Body) warm-ups to prepare your mind and body to speak in front of a group.

Learn how to listen for opportunities to inject humor and personality into your standard sales pitch. Practice presenting without a script.

Practice co-presenting or presenting as a group. Learn techniques for building group rapport and chemistry in front of an audience.

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