Improvisation for Student-Athletes

In this 90-minute workshop, student-athletes turned their personal experiences on and off the field into a “playbook” of personal stories to tell during interviews. Throughout the workshop, participants refined and reworked their stories to clearly demonstrate the transferrable skills potential employers are looking for. In addition, student-athletes worked through exercises that replicated the stress of an interview environment in order to get comfortable thinking on the fly and delivering off-the-cuff answers to unexpected questions.

(The workshop) made me think on my feet and become more aware of many skills I didn’t think about before
— University of Arizona Student-Athlete


  1. Practice embracing uncertainty and imperfection when answering questions

  2. Learn how to tell your personal stories in professional settings

  3. Get comfortable observing body language and using that information to your advantage in unfamiliar settings

  4. Apply these skills the next time you prepare for an interview