“Thinking on your feet” isn’t just a cute cliche, it’s a way of life for all successful team members. Learning to think quickly and respond intelligently face to face, over email or via chat is a skill that can be practiced and honed. The next time your boss springs a last-minute 1:1 on you - you’ll be ready!

Support your Teammate’s Ideas

Doesn’t it feel great when you’re in a meeting and one of your colleagues backs you up and supports your ideas? We teach groups the core improv principle of “Yes, and” - it’s the idea that accepting and building upon someone else’s ideas is the first step towards creativity and innovation.

We teach the value of vulnerability. In our workshops we promote professional vulnerability as a way of demonstrating trust and support. We work with you to make everyone on a team feel safe and confident sharing new, unexpected or risky ideas.

Dave really has a way of dissolving everyone’s fears
— Business Development Team Lead, Jhana

Active Listening

Good listeners aren’t born. They’re molded through practice. So much of what we say to each other is ignored, or worse yet, misunderstood. In our workshops you’ll learn techniques to make sure you and your teammates hear and understand each other.

We all absorb ideas differently - some of us are visual learners while others prefer to learn through text or audio. Do you know your boss’ learning style? Your cubicle-mate’s? Learn the right way to ask how others in your workplace listen and learn.

Problem Solving

Do you have a typical role you play when you’re on a team? Maybe you’re the “big idea expert” or the “dollars and cents wizard”. Ever wondered what it’d be like to take on a different role? We’ll explore different team problem-solving personas and provide you a chance to try them on, see how they feel, and give you and your teammates a chance to see each other’s skills in a new light.

Learn to surrender your individual ego to the betterment of the team. It’s easier said than done :)

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