Active Listening

Good listeners aren’t born. They’re molded through practice. So much of what we say to each other is ignored, or worse yet, misunderstood. In our workshops you’ll learn techniques to make sure you and your teammates hear and understand each other.

We all absorb ideas differently - some of us are visual learners while others prefer to learn through text or audio. Do you know your boss’ learning style? Your cubicle-mate’s? Learn the right way to ask how others in your workplace listen and learn.


Learn how to be a “sounding board” for colleagues as they work through difficult challenges. Practice listening, understanding and “reflecting” back the challenges shared with you by your teammates.

Full Body Listening

  • Learn the difference between “Listening to Respond” and  “Listening to Understand”
  • Use listening comprehension practice to improve team collaboration and group communication.
  • Facial expression and body language listening practice. Practice using non-verbal communication methods.

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