Adapting to a change  mindset

“Plan For The Unplannable” - Learn how to smoothly react to the unexpected. Practice calmly and professionally reacting to scenarios or questions you and your team have never experienced.

Learn how to quickly react and adjust a message or idea when it is not well received or build on the energy of positive feedback.

Overcoming the fear of change

Improv allows participants to test out what it’s like to work and collaborate in a variety of scenarios. “Trying out” these new situations, then stepping out and reflecting on what the experience is like helps acclimate people to new work realities.

As people adjust to change, they’ll inevitably make mistakes. You’ll practice “bouncing back” from situations where some level of imperfection is inevitable. You’ll even take it a step further and learn collaborative techniques that embrace failure as a way to move forward from mistakes in creative and unexpected ways.

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