Creative Brainstorming


How do you make sure that your next brainstorm is full of energy, meets your goals and engages all learning styles? We provide brainstorming tools to improve your creative process and help your team generate bold, innovative ideas. 


What you will learn

In this interactive, fast-paced workshop, your team will learn tools to:

  • Overcome the fear of failure and build a culture that supports bold ideas

  • Integrate “Yes, And” thinking to build on others’ ideas

  • Think on your feet and embrace the unexpected

  • Turn off your internal editor and feel comfortable sharing incomplete thoughts

  • Increase empathy with active listening skills and body language awareness


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Fun and productive. It really made the day more enjoyable to approach planning with humor and creativity.
— Workshop participant

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Let's Practice: "I'm a Tree"

In every monthly newsletter, I’ll be introducing you to simple group exercises you can facilitate on your own. This month, we’re looking at how to demonstrate the power of “Yes, And, And” to your teams.