Active Listening


Active listening means more than just hearing a message—it’s fully focusing, understanding and remembering what was said. We help teams experience the benefits of active listening including stronger relationships, communication and collaboration between colleagues. 


What you will learn

In this interactive, fast-paced workshop, you’ll leverage techniques to learn how to practice active listening.

  • Integrate “Yes, And” thinking into meetings, brainstorms and customer interactions

  • Increase empathy with active listening skills and body language awareness

  • Practice communication and storytelling to build public speaking skills

  • Overcome the fear of failure and build a culture that supports bold ideas

  • Think on your feet to excel in uncertain or changing circumstances


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Great and engaging facilitation by Dave. It was awesome that we were up, moving and engaged the entire time.
— Georgia Collins, Executive Managing Director, CBRE

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Let's Practice: "I'm a Tree"

In every monthly newsletter, I’ll be introducing you to simple group exercises you can facilitate on your own. This month, we’re looking at how to demonstrate the power of “Yes, And, And” to your teams.