Whether you’re mingling at a networking event or leading an all-hands meeting, being able to tell your story in a memorable way unlocks new business opportunities. We’ll provide storytelling tips to help you inspire colleagues, engage customers, and foster a culture of idea-sharing.


What you will learn

In this interactive, fast-paced workshop, your team will learn tools to:

  • Apply business storytelling to build public speaking confidence

  • Transform personal experiences into professional examples

  • Learn techniques to engage live and virtual audiences

  • Practice storytelling tips for active listening and body language awareness

  • Overcome shyness and learn how to thrive in uncertainty


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The energy and tone (Dave) set was fantastic, even with some “skeptics” in the audience. One point of feedback that came up was how well (Dave) tied this all back to practical use, and noticed some inspired talk about how to apply the storytelling techniques to reporting or POV / influencing discussions and outcomes.
— UX Manager, PayPal

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